Friday, August 24, 2012

Closing Summer Up with the Practice Of Presence

Dominik starts school on Monday.
There are so many fun things to do in the city!
 This is at the WOW Museum in Lafayette, CO

How did the summer go by so fast?

     In reflection, this was the first summer I've had to spend with my kiddos and have enjoyed every last minute of it! It's been so wonderful to be here, to watch my son (and daughter in her young adult life) grow and change. To experience the long hot lazy summer days watching Dominik run through the sprinkler or to spend time in Cherry Creek with Auriel, eating brunch at our favorite French Restaurant. It makes me feel alive, full, engaged, and fulfilled. There truly is nothing like being an entrepreneur and being empowered to design my career to allow for such times.

Also at WOW in Lafayette
     Our summer has included our first shipment of chicks; a garden full of colorful vegetables, our first plums on our ten year old plum tree, Oriole and Woodpecker sightings, and walks with Sport (our last of a team of three amazing loving dogs) around the yard to chase kitties and dig in the dirt. Our summer was also filled with festivals, a trip to the mountains, the museum, the zoo, the Children's Museum, WOW, and lots of trips to Monkey Business. What a wonderful summer it has been, one I will always remember.

     It's also been a summer of growth for The Nourished Life, Back2Basic Nutrition , and New Beginnings Health & Wellness. All have been quite rewarding but also incredibly challenging while I learn to balance and be in full control of my life. I earned and was rewarded a Health Leadership Award in July from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, this was both an honor and a surprise. I'm truly grateful for everything that has happened in each division of my new career this summer and look forward to the lasting impact in the months ahead.

     What an amazing summer with so much to be truly grateful for!

     What happened during your summer? Did it impact your life? Do you have lots of memories to tuck away? How about photos or stories to share?
     Every minute we practice presence, we are given the gift of being engaged in our own life and the lives of those we love.
     Practicing presence can be challenging, especially when we - as most Mothers are - are being pulled in so many directions at once, it's much easier to live life in your head.
     What is presence? What do I mean? From my own definition, this practice is staying in the moment. Every time you find yourself thinking of yesterday or tomorrow, you are not in the moment. If you are thinking of this past morning and after work, you are not in the moment. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this rewarding experience;

  • To get myself in the moment, I start by taking a deep breath, maybe two. 
  • Then I close my eyes. I feel my feet, my arms, my toosh in the chair. 
  • I take another deep breath.
  • I then listen to the sounds around me, gently and lovingly pulling myself back every time my mind wanders. 
  • I then will open my eyes to look around me directly. What am I surrounded by? What colors do I see,  what shapes do I see? 
  • In this moment, how do I feel? How do YOU feel? 
     Taking on this practice helps me to be more present for my life, which as you know, we don't get to do twice and since I wouldn't give any piece of it up for the world, I'd like to be here, in the present to experience it. Wouldn't you?

In vibrant health & happiness,
Tammi Hoerner, CHHC, MH

If you found this experience fun or inspirational, I invite you to accompany me on a journey that will change your life. You can start with a simple free one hour break through consultation with me!

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