My New Beginning

In March 2011, I opened what has been my vision and dream for about twenty years. New Beginnings Health & Wellness.
For me, it is my intention to share all I have learned about the difference self care makes in life. Everything is connected, food & nutrition, career, movement, relationship, home cooking, home environment,'s all linked to our over all well being. Hence, my vision was taking all aspects of well being and putting them into one space.
I have personally hand selected the following licensed, certified, skilled and passionate practitioners:

Energy Work - Reiki
Health Coaching
Massage Therapy
Rolfing Structural Integration
Muscle Activation

The product is a result of my heart and soul. I am extremely passionate about helping others to be able to live full and happy lives. How can I help you to reach your goals? 

For information on my beautiful and amazing center visit: