Primary Food & Career

"Do What You Love and Success Will Follow"

           One of the biggest ways attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition changed my life was by changing my Career. For 20 years I was on a self destruct path in a career that put me in a cube where I processed information and numbers in a highly toxic environment. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition helped me to completely change this very out of balance "Primary Food". 
           Today I am the owner of TWO successful businesses - The Nourished Life - and - New Beginnings Health & Wellness Center. Every day, I wake in a space of such deep gratitude for this change in my life. Changing my career to a career that I love, that nourishes me, where I can help others to learn to nourish themselves on whatever levels they are seeking, has changed so many levels of my life. I now eat better, have better energy, have a great marriage, a great income, get to spend WAY more time with my kids and at home. I truly feel like I am in control of my own destiny!
What does your future look like? Where will you be in five years? Are you ready for a change? 
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**Update - October 2011 - 
I have found the most amazing products to add to my business that can also be an opportunity for you, health coach or not. I would love to hear what you think!  - I am consultant ID # 9400943

I am now offering both of the above products in my health coaching practice and would love to share more about them with you!